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Wonk – What does it mean?

Wonk is another way of saying nerd – or more positively, We are learners. And we like to teach.

That’s why we teach at Bielefeld University and educate students in AI, why we train AI, and why we, as a company, learn more every day about the challenges in content.
We solve these challenges.

In this process, we use AI and LLMs, OpenAI and Transformer models, RegEx and python – to leverage knowledge, make it usable and take the next learning step.


Dr. Frederik Bäumer

Professorship Data-Science HSBI | PhD in Computational Linguistics | AI Consultant

Research & Publication |
Best Paper Awards: Data Science for Real-World Applications

Bastian Sirvend

Diploma in Business Informatics (Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf.) 
| Information Technology Management Assistant (IHK)

+10 years as CMS Consultant
(international, 5+ languages, +1000 employees, +100 million revenue)

Alexander Stahlkopf

Businessman Audiovisual Media |
Audio Engineer

+10 years as strategy consultant, concept developer & marketing expert in digital projects. (Performance & Content Marketing, UX & SEO.




System partner

System partner


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Give your company more support in content and create free space for new things!

wonk.ai – own corporate content ai

“Enterprises get their own enterprise AI. This makes content available company-wide in one central location.
The corporate content ai is always learning. It supports content teams with services that can be used in natural language.
Always matching the brand and integratable with all systems via content API.”

Our tools

Functions for your content editing

Take the pressure off your content creation, optimizing and translation work!


Content research & creation

Use and combine internal and external knowledge.


Optimize existing content

Search engines and user-friendly content.


Translate language accurately

All formats translate in the language of the company.