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Translate corporate language

Use existing corporate knowledge and translations. Use available websites, documents – perhaps even a translation memory system – as a training ground for machine translation. Train your own language models – with a clear evaluation basis and crisp process.

What is Translate for?

Translate supports you and your editorial team with translations into all languages.

Problems that Translate solves:

  • It takes weeks until the translation is created
  • Proofreading takes place in a separate system
  • The layout and formatting are lost during translation
  • The company’s own terms, phrases and proper nouns are translated incorrectly or not at all
Goals that Translate supports:

  • Fast international rollout of content
  • High user-friendliness for international customers
  • Developing new markets and target groups
  • Reduce service and support requests

What can Translate do?

Translate combines the efficiency of machine translation with the quality of human translation.

Website projects and content – .XLIF

.xml, .xlif and other formats that a CMS can export, Translate escapes and translates the language true to format.

Downloads – .PDF

Translate translates already set documents in .pdf format into the desired languages.

Office documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Classic documents that arise in daily office work can be translated with Translate. And keep your formatting and design.

Own corporate language

Within a training project, we train Translate based on existing content from websites, translation memory systems (TMS), documents of any form and existing glossaries.

Catalogs, brochures and printed matter – .IDML

This content is usually created in Indesign in .idml format. Translate translates the content so that it remains editable and in Indesign format. 

100% DSVGO compliant

Integrated through API in Microsoft Azure. Data in EU & Germany – or on-premise if desired

wonk. Ai-Team – Relaunch & Rollout Savior for Translations

So far, the translation solutions have been – ok. Waiting weeks for translations. Proofreading in-country or central.
An extra loop for the changes made by the translation agency. Then transfer to the CMS.
And then adjust again. 4-6 weeks later it can go live. And the costs are enormous.
One can do that. 

But not if 10, 20, 40 and more countries are supposed to go live in a few months.

That’s where an A-team is needed.
People who translate at any time, in the quality and language of the company. With all the peculiarities, technical terms and product names.
The wonk.Ai-Team.

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Training of your own language models?

Translate can learn your corporate language.

What the training can do:

  • Learning the special terms, tonality and proper names for the highest translation quality.
  • Training of language models within 5 working days 
    (Example: German-English, English-German)
  • Processing of all data sources for training –
    whether websites, TMS, glossaries, documents and other sources.
How much does it cost:

  • We offer the training at a fixed price of €5,000 per language model.
  • If your translation manager is not convinced by the result in the “blind tasting”, then our money-back guarantee applies and you have no costs!

Save Rate

> 78%

Training corporate language

Saves time and money and enables relaunch

We just did the math. How much does it cost to relaunch a website language with translators, as opposed to a trained translation model?

Use case:

Translating the website language with its own language model. 500 pages of content. A content page has 500 words, 3,500 characters.

Train your language model

Evaluation in blind tasting

Translating content

Cost per word (€)

for manual translation

Cost per word (€)

for Translate translation

Duration (days)

that are necessary

Cost of training

one translation model

Cost of the use case 

Total in EURO

Cost of the use case

Total in EURO

Who uses Translate?

Translate supports medium-sized businesses and corporations in their internationalisation.

KWS Saat SE & Co. KGaA 

Stock-exchange listed plant breeding and biotechnology company. 

The world’s fourth-largest seed producer by revenue from agricultural crops.

Umsatz: 1,54 Milliarden EUR (2021–2022)

Employees: over 5000

70 countries

“With Translation Studio, my team and all my colleagues use the trained models from FirstSpirit. And with the web frontend, we can translate all documents.”

Maike Kayser

Lead of Content and Channel Management | KWS SAAT SE

“With, we retain sovereignty over the KWS models in our KWS Microsoft Azure Tennant.
This is how we meet our data protection and compliance requirements.”

Nils Busse

Head of Expert Hub IT Applications | KWS SAAT SE


MULTIVAC is a solution provider for the packaging and processing of foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products as well as consumer and industrial goods of all kinds.

Sales: EUR 1.37  billion (2022)

Employees: 7000

84 locations, 160 countries

“I am particularly helped by the fast support and the simple solution of new challenges for other countries.”

Corinna Wahl

Online Marketing | MULTIVAC GROUP

“With, we have managed a rollout that would otherwise not be live. This allowed us to meet the goals of our leadership team.”

Thomas Rau

Teamleader Online Marketing | MULTIVAC GROUP

The Translate Process

From the source language to the target language


Give content for translation

Either on our web frontend, directly in the application or via translation managers such as Translationstudio from I-D Media.


Translation received for approval

The translation is returned to the target system within the shortest possible time.


Review & approve translation

The translation can now be adjusted or released. Corrections can be carried over to the next training of the language model, for steady improvement.

Translate – demo video

How can I translate content true to format?

Save Rate

>   93%

Translate untrained

Enables worldwide content

We just compared – what does regular translation cost compared to Translate.

Use case:

Translate website language. 500 content pages.
Each standard page of 500 words, 3,500 characters.

Send website content for translations

Review & approve content

Maintain content into content management system

Cost per word (€)

for manual translation

Cost per word (€)

for Translate translation

Duration (days)

that are necessary

Duration (hours)

that are necessary

Cost of the use case 

Total in EURO

Cost of the use case

Total in EURO

Translate features

The capabilities of Translate, depending on the selected model.


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description

+ Teaser text


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description

Teaser text

+ Alt Img

the skills match, what about

the price?

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