Content research & creation

We have built a text generation tool.
An editorial support system.
An idea generator, topic structurer, time saver
and 80% solvent. Based on general knowledge and the knowledge of your company.

What is Write for?

Write supports you and your editorial team with content research and copywriting.

Problems that Write solves:

  • Saves research time
  • Provides transparency on the sources used
  • Combines general internet knowledge & specific business knowledge
Goals that Write supports:

  • Better content on whole subject areas
  • More time for creativity
  • Transparency of already existing knowledge in the company

What can Write do?

Write provides you with the latest internal and external knowledge to help you write.

Structure topics

Identify, research, and structure the structure and relevant questions for a topic.

Source research

Find content appropriate to the topic, compile paragraphs, and provide sources as the basis for your own text. 

Write draft

Write a draft based on the sources and researched content.

Use your own documents

Use documents as the basis for the content to be created, e.g. knowledge that resides in brochures and .pdf files.

Use knowledge database

Optional  – Own knowledge database on corporate knowledge as a basis for automated use in content research.

100% DSVGO compliant

Integrated through API in Microsoft Azure. Data in EU & Germany – or on-premise if desired

The Write Process

From the idea to the content


Structure topics

When entering the topic, we provide relevant questions and structure for matching content.


Research questions

You can also enter questions or topics directly into the search.


Control sources

Based on your input, you can select and narrow down the sources. Only on external knowledge, also internal knowledge – and should certain sources not be included in the research?


Result research

Write provides you with relevant paragraphs and the corresponding references.


Content proposal – 80% text

Write provides you with a text suggestion based on the appropriate and selected sources and paragraphs.
You can edit it further.

Write – demo video

How can I research content and work on my own documents?

Save Rate

>   96%

Write in practice

Saves money & time
and gives room for creativity

We just tested – how long do we need regularly and how long do we need with Write. With this we open up space for new things!

Use case:

Research and create new content on a specific niche topic of the business.

Research topic

Research sources

View documents

Create text draft

Cost per hour (€)

for manual content creation

Cost per API Call (€)

for Write support

Working time (minutes)

that are necessary

API Calls

that are necessary

Cost of the use case 

Total in EURO

Cost of the use case

Total in EURO

Write features

The capabilities of Write, depending on the selected model.


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description

+ Teaser text


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description

Teaser text

+ Alt Img

the skills match, what about

the price?

Our customers

How about it?

Give your company more support in content and create free space for new things!

More tools

Functions for your content editing

Take the pressure off your content creation, optimizing and translation work!


Optimize existing content

Search engines and user-friendly content.


Translate language accurately

All formats translate in the language of the company.


Sell products and solutions

Use product data for sales and consulting.