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20. March 2024

This video explains how Transformers work in simple steps and uses Excel functions to show the structure of OpenAI's GPT2 mehr lesen

20. March 2024

Initial situation and objective: When it comes to questions about vacation days, remuneration and many other HR regulations, the company's mehr lesen

18. March 2024

Moin, moin! The Mammut is coming to Hamburg to the rock stars. Trained translation models for companies, clever minds, cool mehr lesen

15. March 2024

We are very pleased that Dr. Frederik Simon Bäumer is now Professor of Business Informatics with a focus on Data mehr lesen

12. March 2024

Companies can benefit from machine translation and streamline their internal content and translation processes. What are the different types of mehr lesen

4. March 2024

Two influential personalities of the software and AI industry meet: Bill Gates, who stands for the "old world" with the mehr lesen

4. March 2024

CoreMedia integration of   CoreMedia, the composable DXP with agile CMS & DAM, connected's content services via the mehr lesen

22. February 2024

Translating entire .pdf files   PDF files can be challenging for translators, as they often can't be edited directly. For mehr lesen

20. February 2024

Good translation accurately conveys the meaning and intent of the source text, while taking into account the style, tone, and mehr lesen

16. February 2024

"Neo Reply, specialist in digital experience platforms, introduces the content evolution engine "AIDITOR", which takes the process of content creation mehr lesen

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