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Optimize your existing content

Generate metadata from the existing content page that is relevant to search engines. Create keywords and tagging for dynamic content reuse. Then generate teasers for internal linking. And mark up the existing images with alt-img tags, for accessibility and image search.

What is Optimize for?

Optimize supports you and your editorial team in optimizing your existing content.

Problems that Optimize solves:

  • Knowledge about meta tags is often not available
  • Time & incentive to fill in meta data too low
  • Many duplicate, insufficiently or not at all filled fields for meta data
  • Inconsistency between content pages, meta data and teaser texts for internal links
Goals that Optimize supports:

  • Better user experience
  • Better organic visibility in search engines – in SERPs and image search
  • Greater accessibility through image markup
  • More time for editors 
  • Better control for SEO managers over the organization

What can Optimize do?

Optimize provides you with the latest SEO knowledge and creates everything necessary based on your texts.

Generate Title Tags & Meta Description

Based on your text, you will get suggested Title Tag and Metadescription. Suitable length. Suitable structure.

Teaser text writing

Based on your finished content page, we create a short version that promotes the content on your other pages.

Generate keywords

Relevant for some search engines and internal searches. You will receive the appropriate terms that will classify your text.

Image descriptions with Alt-Img tag

Description of the images with recognition of the visual content and with consideration of the existing text context.

Assign tagging

For dynamic and personalized websites, tagging of content sections is relevant. Gladly based on your existing taxonomy.

100% DSVGO compliant

Integrated through API in Microsoft Azure. Data in EU & Germany – or on-premise if desired

The Optimize Process

From content to optimization


Create text

There is ready-made content. Perhaps already from the stock. Or newly created – completely by hand or with the support of Write.


Generate Title Tag

Optimize provides you with suitable title suggestions in the appropriate character length and according to your guidelines.


Generate Meta Description

Optimize generates the appropriate description text to generate interest among search engine users. In the appropriate character length and according to your guidelines.


Generate keywords

Optimize created keywords appropriate to your text, which classify the text. This will improve the results of the internal website search. Moreover, this is exciting for search engines like Bing, Yandex, Baidu. 


Categorize tagging

Optimize maps the content to the given taxonomy. This makes it easier to retrieve and reuse the content. Also, this is relevant for blogs that structure content by tags.


Teaser text writing

Optimize generates an abbreviated version of the content in the defined character length. Content absolutely 100% fit with the existing content. Finally, proper teaser texts that dynamically promote the content at different places on the website.


Image description & file naming

Optimize detects the content of the images used and suggests a suitable image description for Alt-Img tags. Thereby Optimize delivers both: pure content description for screen readers (accessibility) and marketing description with context of the page for image SEO. And gladly also the file naming. Finally no more IMG-291-L_2.jpg.

Optimize – demo video

How can I optimize my content for search engines?

Save Rate

>   87%

Optimize in practice

Saves money & time
and enables SEO across the enterprise.

We just tested – how long do we need regularly and how long do we need with Optimize. With this we solve many headaches of SEOs in companies.

Use case:

Write Title Tag

Create Meta Description

Generate Alt-Img Tag

Teaser text summarize

Cost per hour (€)

for manual content creation

Cost per API Call (€)

for Write support

Working time (minutes)

that are necessary

API Calls

that are necessary

Cost of the use case 

Total in EURO

Cost of the use case

Total in EURO

Optimize features

The capabilities of Optimize, depending on the selected model.


unlimited user

Title Tag & Meta Description


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description

+ Teaser text

+ Keywords & Tagging


unlimited user

Title & Meta Description

+ Teaser text

+ Keywords & Tagging

+ Alt Img Tag

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