Trained Translation Models
in company language. Mammothly strong.

Continuously learning AI models for real-time, professional-quality translations.

Trained Translation Models  – AI Research & Digital Experience

Prof. Dr. Frederik Bäumer | 
Tech Lead & Data Science

Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Data-Science | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences


Alexander Stahlkopf | 
Business Lead & CEO

Businessman Audiovisual Media |
Audio Engineer


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Brandt-Pook | Consultant

Chair of Business Informatics, esp. E-Commerce & Web Applications | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

Team session in between CMS editors from different countries using


Translate corporate language

How about it?

Use existing corporate knowledge and translations. 

Use available websites, documents – perhaps even a translation memory system – as a training ground for machine translation. 

Train your own language models – with a clear evaluation basis and crisp process.

Receive complete translations in real-time and company language.

Our customers from medium-sized companies and corporations

automate high-quality translations with continuous learning machine language models.

Agency and system partners



System partner

System partner


Any questions?

Time for a personal conversation.

We would like to help you and your company further and support you in the editorial department with AI. This often results in questions and topics that can be better clarified in the conversation. I’m happy to help you. 

Access to secure AI in Germany

Using AI in the company – safe and economical for all employees.

Access to LLMs – all relevant models under one surface.

Security – central model administration and own accounts per employee.

Training and hosting – in three German locations, fail-safe and certified according to BSI basic protection.