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KWS Saat SE & Co. KGaA 

Stock-exchange listed plant breeding and biotechnology company. 

The world’s fourth-largest seed producer by revenue from agricultural crops.

Umsatz: 1,54 Milliarden EUR (2021–2022)

Employees: over 5000

70 countries

Success Story:

The KWS Saat team had an international relaunch with a new CMS ahead of them. To achieve this, the master content in German had to be translated and localized for the countries in a short time.

The project plan was for two to three countries to be rolled out per month. In this way, the  international relaunch of 40 website countries can be completed  in one year.The previous translation workflow was a major hurdle.
Previously, KWS had sent the content to be translated to the global external central translation agency.
In the next step, it took several weeks for this content to come back translated. These translations were checked by experts in the country and comments were made. This, too, took weeks. Afterwards there was a correction run.

It took 4-6 weeks per country for the content to be imported back into the CMS for the first time.
And when the content could be checked with its spacing and in the context of the web layout, rework was necessary again.

Due to the waiting time for the initial translations, the waiting time for the correction of the experts from the country and the further correction loops during the import, the go-live goal for the international rollout was acutely endangered.

We worked closely with the rollout management. In this way, we were able to quickly solve the specific pain (translation time) in the rollout.

In the operation of the websites and also throughout the Group, a solution was subsequently created that is directly connected to the FirstSpirit CMS and can be used by all employees through another independent frontend. 

The translations deliver the highest quality and data security for the most important languages of KWS Saat, with the help of strongly-trained  translation models that have been trained with KWS’s historical translation knowledge.

These translation models from KWS ar continuously trained and learned by wonk.ai. 
This means that the Group can use a uniform, constantly improving, machine translation solution throughout the company.

“With Translation Studio, my team and all my colleagues use the trained models from FirstSpirit. And thanks to the web frontend, we can also translate all documents.”

Maike Kayser

Lead of Content and Channel Management | KWS SAAT SE

“With wonk.ai, we retain sovereignty over the KWS models in our KWS Microsoft Azure Tennant.
This is how we meet our data protection and compliance requirements.”

Nils Busse

Head of Expert Hub IT Applications | KWS SAAT SE


MULTIVAC is a solution provider for the packaging and processing of foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products as well as consumer and industrial goods of all kinds.

Sales: EUR 1.37  billion (2022)

Employees: 7000

84 locations, 160 countries

Success Story:

MULTIVAC and its digital team wanted to switch  from the previous Typo3 CMS to their new AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) system. 

Now, four months before the planned go-live, MULTIVAC was faced with the challenge of translating the newly created and revised content into 30 languages. It was imperative to maintain the quality of the translations in industry and corporate language from the mechanical engineering sector.
Therefore, generic and general solutions with known translation models were ruled out at an early stage.

Usually, MULTIVAC has always produced the necessary translation quality in-house, with its own in-house translation department. However, it was not designed to translate well over 4 million words in such a short time.
The translation department replied that this amount of translation would take about a year.
This was also not an option for MULTIVAC’s management from a business point of view.

The project management was looking for a solution that would combine the quality of the translation and speed.

Within a few days, we provided MULTIVAC with a POC in which they were able to test three of our language models in a blind test based on the existing website language data.

The translation department, which was quite critical, came to the conclusion that the quality of the translation models was good enough. And with the training on the existing TMS (Translation Memory System) data, we were able to make the next leap in quality.
In total, we trained a total of 25 languages  for the rollout and delivered them in a very short time.

During the rollout and go-live, it was not possible for the project to connect the translation directly to the CMS. For this reason, we provided a web frontend in which the MULTIVAC team could translate the exported AEM CMS projects as entire files and then import them back into the AEM CMS.

“I am particularly helped by the fast support and the simple solution of new challenges for other countries.”

Corinna Wahl

Online Marketing | MULTIVAC GROUP

“With wonk.ai, we have managed a rollout that would otherwise not be live. This allowed us to meet the goals of our leadership team.”

Thomas Rau

Teamleader Online Marketing | MULTIVAC GROUP


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