Access to secure AI in Germany

Using AI in the company – safe and economical for all employees.

Access to LLMs – all relevant models under one surface.

Security – central model administration and own accounts per employee.

Training and hosting – in three German locations, fail-safe and certified according to BSI basic protection.

Are you using secure AI?

We use our own AI models, 
securely hosted in Germany.

Generative AI models have arrived in companies and are being used.

However, according to a global Cisco study of 01/2024 , a total of 35% of German companies have completely banned the use of GenAI tools.

Nevertheless, according to this study, more than 50% of employees enter sensitive company data into AI tools.

Many employees do not use the tools at all – or secretly in the unsecure gray area of their private accounts.

Many employees use unsafe AI.  

Even if data protectionists want it differently.

The challenges:

– Privacy – The data is sent to the USA with ChatGPT free or Plus.
– Data as training – The data is used to train the models.
-Black box – Access is provided by the employees’ private accounts. Knowledge too.

Many employees do not use AI at all.

Even if marketing managers surely wish it differently.

The challenges:

– AI guidelines  – The company is still working on AI guidelines, until then, the use is officially not allowed.
– AI-Use Cases  – Within the company, it is not yet clear which tasks AI can helpfully support.
– AI maturity level  – Knowledge about prompting, RAG, different LLMs and ai technology is very different.

There are countless isolated AI pilots and POCs.

Even if IT leaders want it differently.

The challenges:

– Stakeholders  – Each stakeholder has their own budget and agencies.
– Level of maturity of employees  – Employees do not know which use cases to solve and what is possible.
– Technological speed  – The underlying models develop faster than the projects are carried out.

We offer:

Access to secure AI for everyone in the company.

Ai in the company must meet everyone’s requirements:

  • Own company model – securely hosted in Germany.
  • Centralized rollout – with single sign-on in the company.
  • Easy access – chat web interface for everyone – from casual to power users.
  • Automation in the backend – API interfaces for integration into editorial systems and the company infrastructure.

Our customers from medium-sized companies and corporations

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Connecting  AI research & digital experience

Prof. Dr. Frederik Bäumer  | Tech

Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Data Science | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences |
PhD in Computational Linguistics


Alexander Stahlkopf | Business

Businessman Audiovisual Media |
Audio Engineer


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Brandt-Pook | Consultant

Chair of Business Informatics, esp. E-Commerce & Web Applications | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences


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Full access – all relevant commercial & open-source chatGPTs

Security – central model administration and own accounts

Training and Hosting – Completely on-premise in Germany.

Costs – more flexibility – thereby about 50% cost savings.