Sell products and solutions

The product knowledge is in data sheets, in the PIM, in separate databases – often in .pdfs and Word files. This information is important. As a basis to tell which problems are solved, how the application looks like and for which purposes the product is suitable. These texts are not written by a product manager.

It is also no longer necessary.

What is Sell for?

Sell supports you and your editorial team in using your product data to sell.

Problems that Sell solves:

  • The PIM does not have clean structured data
  • Product managers do not write sales texts
  • Knowledge about products is distributed
  • Too many products & variants to create texts
  • Too few products in one category for text models
Goals Sell supports:

  • Better user experience
  • Higher conversion on leads and sales
  • More organic visibility for products

What can Sell do?

Sell extracts your product data and cleans it up, then creates rich and vibrant product copy.

Extract product data

From existing documents (.docx, .pptx, .pdf) Sell lifts the product information and enriches it semantically. Not only values that are in tables – but also continuous text that is otherwise ignored.

95% correct without separate quality check

Product descriptions are all about accuracy and speed. We are talking about tens of thousands of products. Therefore, we check our product descriptions with separate AI to reduce the burden on quality assurance.

Use product data feeds

There is structured data from a PIM or database? Then Sell uses this feed as a data source for the product texts.

HTML or markup directly for use

Sell delivers exactly the format you need in your project. So that the product texts become directly available for the customers.

Create product description

Based on the extracted and existing product data, Sell creates your product descriptions.

100% DSVGO compliant

Integrated through API in Microsoft Azure. Data in EU & Germany – or on-premise if desired

The Sell Process

Von den Produktdaten zum Text


Connect product data

Sell maintains the existing product data sources as the basis for the emerging product descriptions.


Extract product data

Sell delivers the tidy and usable product data for further processing.


Learn product language

Sell receives examples and templates for product texts suitable for the company and the industry.


Generate product texts

Sell generates the appropriate product descriptions based on the enriched and semantically enhanced product data and the learned product language.


Quality assurance & testing

Sell delivers about 5% of the product texts annotated for review and adaptation to the product management.
Product management checks the other 95% product descriptions on a random basis.


Sell products

The product texts are ready, published and help users in their purchase decision.

Sell – demo video

How can I create product texts from my knowledge?

Save Rate

> 87%

Sell in practice

Product description for ALL products and variants.

We just tested – how long do we need regular and how long do we need with Sell. With this, we solve many headaches of e-commerce managers in companies.

Use case:

Create product description from product data

Understand & extract product features

Create product description

Maintain product description into the system

Quality Assure Product Text

Cost per hour (€)

for manual product text creation

Cost per API Call (€)

for Sell support

Working time (minutes)

that are necessary

API Calls

that are necessary

Cost of the use case 

Total in EURO

Cost of the use case

Total in EURO

Sell features

The capabilities of Sell, depending on the selected model.


unlimited user

not available


unlimited user

Product Data


unlimited user

Product Data

+ Product Text

the skills are a fit, now you want to know

the price?

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