Write proper redirects

For website relaunches, redirects are essential for survival. In this way, the existing connections to the good and appropriate content are maintained. Even if the content has been adapted or completely restructured.

The challenge of creating the right 1:1 assignment for previous content is particularly great for extensive projects. 10,000 redirects and 15 languages will be a logistical and time-consuming feat.

And this requires linguistic and substantive understanding, as well as a lot of time.

That’s why redirects are often forgotten, set only rudimentarily or are a high cost block in the project plan that one tries to avoid.

With Redirect, we support redirects with AI and make them economically and time-wise possible for ALL content pages.

Redirect assigns your content.

Redirect helps you forward URLs across all languages and projects.

Problems that redirect solves:

  • Saves research time for redirects
  • Provides transparency on redirect accuracy
  • Has the necessary language understanding to determine the appropriate 1:1 relationship
Goals that Redirect supports:

  • Maintain organic visibility during relaunch
  • Optimal transfer of previous SEO results
  • No 404 errors for existing customers and prospects

What can redirect do?

Redirect analyzes your previous URLs, compares them with new content and provides you with the appropriate redirect.

Analyze the content of your existing content pages

Understand and record in a structured way which content has so far taken place on which URL.

Weighted redirects for quality control

Your editorial team receives the recognized and assigned redirects for quality control – with an evaluation of the content consistency in order to be able to decide difficult cases.

Match the content of your new content pages

Check which new content pages best match the existing content.

Ready-to-use redirect list

Webmaster, SEO or implementing agency receive the finished 1:1 assigned list of redirects.

Understand content regardless of language

The content can be available in any language. They are understood and correctly assigned. 

100% DSVGO compliant

Integrated through API in Microsoft Azure. Data in EU & Germany – or on-premise if desired

The redirect process

From the old content page to the redirect to the new content.


Finish content

You’ve created new content and so far the old content is still live. After quality control, the content is ready to be published live.


Analyze content

You provide the old content environment (live domains) and the new content environment (preview system). Redirect analyzes the content.


Forwarding suggestions

Based on the content analysis, Redirect provides the appropriate redirects and assignments between the old and the new content.


Quality assurance

Your content editor can check the redirects again and secure them if a security level of less than 95% has been specified.


Import redirect list

The technically responsible contact persons at your site play the correct forwarding list on the server.


Go live

When going live, all old pages are redirected to suitable content pages. Users find the content they are looking for. The search engine can maintain the rankings.

Save Rate

> 91%

Redirect in practice

Saves money & time
and preserves SEO rankings

We just tested – how long do we need regular and how long do we need with redirect. This makes it possible to forward complete projects!

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