What tools are available for translating PDF files?

22. February 2024 by Alexander Stahlkopf

Translating entire .pdf files


PDF files can be challenging for translators, as they often can’t be edited directly. For the translation of PDF files, there are now various tools and methods that can be used.

The aim is to translate the documents as faithfully as possible and without intermediate steps. And, of course, the language and translation quality should be as good as possible.

One option is to hire a professional translator to do the translation manually. This is correspondingly cost-intensive, but often the only option when it comes to special language knowledge – at least as far as generic translation models are concerned.


Machine translation is available for automation

When it comes to machine translation, the best-known online services are Google Translate and DeepL, which perform automatic translation based on artificial intelligence.


Google and DeepL – generic solutions in good quality

Google Translate is a simple and free option to translate PDF documents quickly and easily. The online service offers a wide range of languages and allows texts to be translated in real time. However, the quality of the translations is often not perfect and grammatical errors and unsightly wording can occur. DeepL is also very well-known, which advertises high accuracy and support for 31 languages.

The translation of .pdf files requires registration and is limited to 3 documents per month in Free mode.


wonk.ai Translate – the highest translation quality, trained by the company

For companies with many employees and high standards of translation quality, wonk.ai also offers translations of .pdf files into corporate language and with its own trained translation models.

Alexander Stahlkopf
Alexander Stahlkopf

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