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  • Over 100 languages available
  • Site Projects and Content – XML & . XLIFF
  • Office documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Downloads & print templates – .PDF files
  • Catalogs, brochures and printed matter – .IDML

Adaptation to companies and trained models

  • Glossaries hold word equivalents in the respective language, similar to a dictionary. 
  • Stop words are used to not translate proper names and product names.
  • We trained translation models for the company based on previous translation data and are continuously learning.

Data protection compliant and in Germany

  • APIs and data centers in Europe, Germany.
  • Data transmission encrypted according to industry standard SSL/TLS.
  • Customer data will not be used for other trainings.

We combine research and digital experience

Prof. Dr. Frederik Bäumer

Tech Lead | Chair of Information Systems
esp. Data-Science | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences

Alexander Stahlkopf

Business Lead & CEO | Digitalization consultant, business / product owner and e-commerce concept designer

Our customers from medium-sized companies and corporations

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Designed by Aleksandr_Samochernyi / Freepik

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