Hosting and Privacy

We meet the needs of companies

APIs and Data Centers in Europe, Germany

All data encrypted using the industry standard SSL/TLS protocol

Customer data will not be used for other trainings

AI – Hosting & Data Protection for Businesses

The security requirements of companies differ significantly
of those who invest in private individuals when they use ChatGPT.

Companies want to preserve their data sovereignty.
The company’s knowledge should not become part of a training corpus,
to which the competition has access.
Secure data exchange and protection against hacking is expected.

We are aware of this and therefore form the basis of all our solutions.

Based on this, companies want hosting that takes place in Europe and ideally in Germany.
Of course, this is guaranteed.

And then it gets more special.

The current generation of AI requires special hardware – so-called GPUs – for many applications.
These chips are able to compute visual relationships (vectors) in a particularly high-performance manner.
Hosting with this type of chips is costly.
Graphics cards with GPU chips are significantly more expensive to purchase and consume more powerthan classic CPUs.

Therefore, you can either set up GPU hosting yourself or book hosting with appropriate providers.
A well-known representative of this offer is Microsoft, with the Azure Cloud.

With this offer, you can host and use LLMs (large language models) in Europe / Germany.
However, this hosting is still essentially operated by a company that is based in the USA. 

For many use cases and protection needs of our customers, the Microsoft Azure Cloud Construct is suitable –
and the cost-benefit ratio. Our offer is also based on this.

But there are customers (e.g. from the public sector) who have an expanded need.
There, we work with special GPU hosters that explicitly meet the advanced necessary requirements.
In these cases, costs play a subordinate role.

In the future, AI models will become more specialized and can be operated on a CPU  base.
The previously known hosting models, from already existing infrastructure, will then be applicable again.


Then let’s go.