Proof of concept for your AI project

Do you need a solution for an individual challenge?

All costs included in the POC

State-of-the-art research and technology

Honest feasibility assessment

Tangible and tangible results

Transition to operation and rollout

What is an AI POC?

The proof of concept provides security and predictability. Together with the POC, we examine the feasibility of a business goal and prove that this goal can be solved satisfactorily and economically.  

+ Feasibility Assessment  – Input for Business Case
+ Practical Proof  – Testing and Demo Environment
+ Risikobegrenzung  – Definierter Scope mit fester Zeit und Aufwand
+ GAP analysis  – evaluation of the necessary next steps for operation & rollout

AI Proof of Concept – Honest Feedback & Tangible Result

There is a lot of fake news and myths surrounding AI and generative AI.
Some consider this technology to be the solution to all problems.
Others believe that AI can’t solve your challenges.
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

We have made it our mission to create solutions that deliver real value and solve problems on an equal footing with medium-sized companies and corporations.
We think long-term, economically and have a strong connection to Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and research.

Let’s talk about your challenges and find out if a POC can provide an answer.
Warning: If a POC doesn’t make sense, we won’t recommend it.

Process of the POC for your AI project

The project for the proof of concept has a duration of 8 weeks and is divided into four phases.


Business Understanding

Understand business needs, understand business case, capture requirements.


Data Understanding

Receive, view and evaluate data.


Data Preparation

Generate data, extract and edit data.


Usable POC

Training & research, generating evaluation results, testing, obtaining feedback.

We combine research and digital experience

Prof. Dr. Frederik Bäumer |
Tech Lead & Data Science

Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Data-Science | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences


Alexander Stahlkopf |
Business Lead & CEO

Businessman Audiovisual Media |
Audio Engineer


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Brandt-Pook | Consultant

Chair of Business Informatics, esp. E-Commerce & Web Applications | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences


AI pilot project – Steps to Go 

The investment in a POC for your AI project is clearly outlined – with defined work packages, duration and effort.

Business Understanding

Together with you, we understood and recorded the goals and requirements of your use case in the workshop.

Data Preparation

We have processed the existing data and, if necessary, generated and obtained new training data so that we can train and prompt.

Data Understanding

We have reviewed and understood your current data in terms of characteristics, format and inconsistencies as well as gaps.

Usable POC

It is important to us to deliver a tangible result directly in the proof-of-concept and to achieve a technical breakthrough that you can use and test.

Project Management

We regularly exchange information on milestones, conduct workshops and generate a presentable result.

Any questions?

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